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To have Amo on your team is like having a superhero designated just for you. She goes above and beyond her call of duty to not only make your wedding day run smoothly, but also to secure your joy and stress free planning all the way. In every meeting with her I was amazed by here experience, wisdom and insight. She has the ability to share in your vision for your wedding day, and will support you in it. Her strength, determination and assertiveness will safeguard this vision of yours, no matter the challenges you come across or the opinions of others (although she somehow manages to keep everyone happy). She will always make time to plan or brainstorm with you, even though she is very busy. She is not alarmed by challenges or 'curve balls'. If she is, she is very good at hiding it and sorting it out before you even know it occurred. She is one of the biggest assets in your day, the assurance that all the beautiful things you plan and paid for, will blend together and flourish into their fullest individual, and collective potential. She can get red wine out of a wedding dress, find a lost speech, orchestrate large groups of busy people with their diets and preferences, and all of this she does with composure and grace. Get her on your dream-team. Just do it.

Thank you, Amo, for everything you have done. I look back to our perfect day with so much joy and gratitude. Thank you Liebe Bylos for blessing us with the BEST wedding gift - a wedding day superhero!


The best team I could have ever asked for. They made ALL my dreams come true. I couldn't fault a thing. If you're looking for a wedding mean team, this is the place to go!
Thank you to Amo and Henno for bringing our crazy wedding ideas to life! We couldn't have done it without you!


The best event planner ever. I've never seen any event Amo did that did not blow my mind away!!


The best in the business and also one of the most important people on your wedding day!!

I will highly recommend Amo to any brides. She is kind hearted & lovely to work with. She is passionate about her work and that is what takes her standards to the next level.

Our wedding day would have looked and worked out a lot different if Amo weren’t there. 

Thank you for making our day run smoothly while everything is looking so beautiful. 

Your presence and touch is definitely needed at every wedding. Thank you Amo xx


Amo truly made our wedding day one to remember, an absolute dream. Everything was in flow and we loved every second of the journey!

Amo is creatively gifted and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to plan an event!


Amo Creative went above and beyond when planning my 21st birthday party. I am still amazed at how the owner, Amo, somehow knew exactly what I wanted before I even did! Her professional, enthusiasm and incredible style blew me away. Amo Creative is a must for any event or function you are planning. Can’t wait to plan many more events with them!


Amo is such a pleasure to work with! Not only does she bring her exceptional planning + problem solving skills to each shoot or event she is apart of but she also has a beautiful eye + a strong creative streak. She is an asset to every team she is a part of!


She is the perfect blend of artist and strategist, boss lady and best friend, events genie and start to finish visionary! Her talents are most impressive but her professionalism is unrivalled! She is the best first step in your journey down the isle. We LOVED Amo Creative and ADORE Amo!


Always in AWE of Amo's capabilities to make the impossible POSSIBLE! She is diligent, resourceful and extremely creative when it comes to planning the most amazing events or shoots! I absolutely love working with her and would recommend her to brides or companies that's looking for an amazing COORDINATOR !


Planning my wedding was the most fun and stress-free process because of Amo. She was extremely professional and has an amazing eye for detail. She was able to take our vision and create the most amazing setting for our wedding day. The whole day ran so smoothly and was the perfect reflection of who we are. I would recommend Amo Creative to everyone and hope to plan another party together with her one day.


Wow, is all we have to say. Amo ensured that our dream wedding day was picture perfect!
From planning to coordinating everything on the day, Amo Creative went over and above their duties to ensure our day was stress free and loads of fun. We would highly recommend her services to anyone planning any special event.

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